Each year, the Commodity and Energy Markets Association (CEMA) confers a Best Paper Award and a Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award based on the papers presented at its annual meeting. The presenting author of each of the winning papers receives a (total) prize of €500 (five hundred euros).



The presenting author of candidate papers must become CEMA member by May 1. In addition, candidate papers for the Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award must be presented by a Ph.D. student, who must be a Ph.D. student when the paper is submitted to the conference.


The submitting author must specify during the conference paper submission process that they wish that their paper be considered as a candidate for one of the two awards. A paper can be considered as a candidate for only one of the two awards.


The awards are announced at the CEMA General Assembly held at the CEMA annual meeting. A paper selected as winner of one of the awards but not presented at the CEMA Annual Meeting, or presented by someone who is not the Ph.D. student in case of the Ph.D. Student Paper Award, will not receive an award.

A new price is announced: “The ESSEC-Amundi Chair ECOMFIN Research Center Prize” awarded to the best paper in “Climate and Environmental Risk” presented at CEMA 2020-2021″.